A Psychic reading involves a combination of Cards, Channeling and Connecting to Spirit to provide accurate information about your past, present and future events.


Psychic Reading

Investment is $100 for 40min

Intuitive Healing Session

An Intuitive Healing Session is a combination of Channeling, Reiki, Crystals and other healing modalities that Grounded Goddess will intuitively pick up on during your healing treatment. This is a hands on service that will Clear your Aura, Balance your Chakras, Promote Inner Health, Open your Intuition, and leave you feeling calm and balanced. 

Investment is $120 for 60min



 I had a face to face reading with Vanessa, I was blown away with things that came out that absolutely no one else would ever know. I would highly recommend Vanessa, and a complete bonus was just how friendly and welcoming she was.

Cheryl-Lea 30th June 2017

The best. Honestly theeeee best i have ever been too. instantly liked her. She is kind and genuine and a sense of calm instantly. You can see that she loves what she does, and there is nothing about her that i don't love. Everything is accurate. She has helped me immensely and her guidance has helped me so much. I can't rave on about the details its beyond amazing. I love her instagram also and her quotes and motivation. Get to Mermaid Beach this goddess is it.

Jenny Sept 2017

  The moment i met Vanessa i new she'd be in my life forever. I've always been a spiritual person but she has helped me awaken my full spiritual potential. I've had readings, healings and been to all her workshops, I can not recommend her enough, not only for her kindness, rightful soul and joy, but because she is amazing at what she does and her knowledge is next level! She always makes it a comfortable space and you genuinely feel so empowered after every meeting.

Dom Feb 2018

 I cannot recommend Vanessa's work highly enough. I have attended workshops, had readings and healing sessions and i always come away feeling revived, full of confidence and like my life has lifted to a new level. Vanessa's work has provided me with empowerment and love that i continue to enjoy in everyday life.

Bec March 2018

 I had a crystal healing and guidance session with Vanessa and felt so motivated and uplifted once finished. She lifted a massive weight off of my Heart Chakra and i could feel the shift in my body- I felt so light and as if a weight had been lifted off me. It was also lovely to hear what the Universe has in store for me and how uplifting Vanessa was towards me with my self doubt.

Cassie May 2018