Grounded Goddess

September 4, 2017

Hi Everyone, This is my first ever blog!! 

I thought i would use this first article to write a little about myself.. Im a Psychic Medium which means i predict past, present and future events whilst also receiving messages from the Spirit world. Im also a qualified Crystal Healing & Reiki Practioner.

As A young child, i would see spirits in my room, to which i was told it was a "bad dream" however at the time my eyes were open... I would also have "feelings" about things happening before they did, i guess you could say i was very intuitive and an empath. 

I shut this gift off for quite sometime and spoke about it to know one... wondering why i was the one to have this happen to at such a young age, as i didn't ask for this and didn't know anyone other than my nan who had something very similar.. It wasn't until my Mid to late twenties that i decided to tap into this and open myself up as circumstances kept getting stronger and stronger, I was always reading palms and telling future events to friends and at work functions and events..almost like i couldn't turn away from this calling.. My husband and I moved to QLD in 2012, having not know anyone in this area as family were left behind in  Sydney i spent a lot of time on my own (while he was working) and had a lot of time to meditate and sign up to Yoga classes... Kundalini was my favourite!!

March 2015  i decided to start my business on the side working after hours and weekends doing readings, i guess i felt a calling.. May 2015 i got made redundant form my full time job a Sales Manager.

This was a huge step to either follow my heart and really focus on building my business or follow my head and look for another job to keep the income i heavily relied on...

I chose to take a leap of faith and Build my own business... So here I am...



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