Am I an Empath?

October 22, 2017

Are you curious to know if you are an Empath?

"Empathy" is a term used to describe someone who is Sensitive to to ther peoples emotions and energy, They unconsciously tap into people's energy and are able to really "feel" and take on their emotions...


You will know if you are an Empath as people will refer to you as "A Good Listener" and you would have been told on many occasions, "you are too sensitive"..This is true as we are sensitive, but not necessarily choosing to be.. Empaths are quite Intuitive and have a gift of "Clairsentience" meaning we "Feel things".


Empaths find it hard to be in large crowds, due to the amounts of energy being omitted, We can go home feeling depleted and exhausted after being around certain people, we cry at movies and are deeply affected by news and current affairs regarding war, terror and injustice. We often enjoy our own company and quite often crave some alone time. We find it near impossible to say "No" to people as we don't want to let them down, If you are nodding your head to these points than chances are you too are an Empath.

Empaths often have "triggers" that set them off on a particular topic, for me its "children" and any form of violence or bullying upon a child, i really feel for and get very emotionally distraught. For others its Animals.. some people find great sadness in any form of animal cruelty, and for others it may be seeing others upset, which tends to set them off.


The best way too deal and cope with being an Empath is to:

*Spiritually Ground and Protect yourself

*Set boundaries with people

*Learn to say "No" without the guilt

*Use Crystals for absorbing negativity

*Have plenty of alone time

*Have an outlet such as a sport, hobby or meditation


I hope this has helped you xx


Grounded Goddess



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