Manifesting Tips

November 9, 2017

Every thought we have, creates an energy in and around our Aura Field, so if you are thinking or feeling negative or down about yourself, then more than likely you will be attracting negativity your way. 

The rule of the Universe is," You get back, What you give out"

People today are constantly talking about manifesting and becoming successful and earning more money etc...I've noticed these topics seam to be strongly focused on external happiness and abundance, this is all well and good for people who are happy, driven and positive with their lives, which lets face it, a lot of the motivational speakers are, but for those who are struggling in day to day life, perhaps are worriers or suffer anxiety, this simply isn't going to work for you, until you learn to first manifest from within, to shift the focus internally, whats holding you back from reaching and achieving success, love and happiness? Is it a self sabotaging behaviour on an unconscious level? Perhaps its part of your belief system that " I'm not very successful" or "Im unlucky in love". sound familiar?

These are your own mental and emotional blocks that you are consciously giving out to the Universe


There is no point in saying "I want to attract love into my life" when you personally don't believe in your self worth or that you are deserving of love to begin with. you may well be wanting love, however on an unconscious level you are blocking this from happening.

On the other hand, if you were happy within yourself and know your self worth and said "I want to attract love into my life" than the universe is more likely to reply and send you what you are giving out... Love.

Have you ever noticed that the successful people seam to become more and more successful, and the less fortunate people seam to have more and more obstacles in their lives. There it is people...

The Rule of The Universe...Think Positive, Feel Positive, Omit Positive.


My 5 Manifesting Tips are as follows;



I can not stress the importance of loving yourself and knowing your self worth when it comes to manifesting your dreams and desires. Believing in yourself and knowing your power is a must, having good sense of values and honouring who you are as a person sets the foundation for manifesting.



In order to be open and accepting to the Universe you must be prepared to let go of your past and focus purely on the present and future, dwelling about past situations causes negativity and anxiety, which in turn affects your physical, spiritual and emotional body thus placing a wall up and preventing successful manifesting. 



An open mind can only happen when there is an open heart and vice versa, by telling the Universe you are open and accepting, you surrender your ego and therefore have an open clear mind to connect to the Universe. The Universe responds to the Energy behind our beliefs.



Visualising is "key" when it comes to manifesting... By writing things down we create a contract with the Universe one that the Universe has to respond to, due to Universal Law, create a dream board, verbally say things over and over again.. But, if you are not able to Visualise your goals and dreams coming true than you missing a vital point in manifesting. You must visualise your dream coming true, what you would be doing? how you would be behaving? how you would feel?  by visualising this we are completing the steps to manifesting.



Rituals are an extremely important part in manifesting, by setting an intention we amplify the energy behind the belief,  essentially we are asking the Universe to take control and we are surrendering to what will be. I like to Light a candle, or burn some incense, i also work very closely with the Moon Cycle to manifest my dreams, desires and goals based on a New Moon, Full Moon or an Eclipse, you may use your Dream board, or even play some music and meditate... whatever your ritual is be sure to stick with what works for you and what feels comfortable.

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