What Does It Mean To Heal?

November 14, 2017

When i was first told by a Crystal Healer 8 years ago that i needed to heal myself, i thought.. great lets do that.. It wasn't until i got home that i realised i really had no idea what that meant or how to go about it.. I guess that was my reasoning for seeking a Crystal Healing to begin with, hoping they would do all the hard work removing my emotional pain & trauma while i lay there and relax, unfortunately this isn't the case. Over time through reading, meditating and becoming a certified Crystal Healer & Reiki Practioner myself i learnt a great deal about what it means to "heal" and how important it is for an individual to learn how to heal themselves.





Over the Years, we have all experienced on some level pain, suffering, trauma, heartache, bullying and sadness, overtime these emotions become trapped within our energy centre causing the "Chi" to become stagnant and not flowing freely as it should. Every word, thought and intention are held within our Auric Field and represent who we are as an individual.  Supressed emotions appear in our Aura and affect how we function on a Physical, Spiritual and Emotional level. if we are unable to release these emotions and allow the energy to flow freely we can experience all sorts of Health issues and concerns such as Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Weight Issues, Digestive Problems, Fertility Issues, Unexplained Pain and even Dis-ease.


To Heal oneself, means to connect to yourself and focus on what "your pain" is ...

By acknowledging what has made you sad, angry, guilty, over the years is the first step to healing.

when you can acknowledge the pain, instead of "fearing" the pain you embrace it as a lesson and send love to the situation.. allow the emotions attached to that pain to come to the surface, even if they make you feel uncomfortable and theres a good chance it will as thats why you suppressed it in the first place... remember this "fear" of the pain is only a mindset. You have the ability to alter your mindset and replace the fear with "love". Think of it as a lesson that got you to where you are today.

Ask the Universe to help release the pain & emotions to help your rise above this, so it does not define who you are or hold you back in life.

Acknowledge & Experience every emotion attached to each pain you are holding onto, then thank the emotion for bringing it to your conscious mind and say that you are now ready to release that emotion and let it go....Crying is a wonderful way to release...its a realisation of the integration of our emotions and memories, there is no need to be ashamed of our emotions as they remind us we are human and designed to experience emotions. However, its how we deal with the emotions that will affect our overall wellness. When we release "our pain" we open our minds and hearts to unite and create a space together allowing our "Chi" to flow freely throughout our bodies, which in turn raises our consciousness allowing a greater self love & self power for ourselves. 

Healing is a new chapter for us and a reminder of how far we have come, honour and appreciate the steps involved in the process and surrender to the Universe.

What is your pain?

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