Eclipse Energy

January 25, 2018

 Next Wednesday the 31st Jan we have a extremely rare cosmic event occurring, we have a Blue Moon which simply means x2 Full moons in one month (usually theres one) and also a Blood Moon which means a Total Lunar Eclipse... the last time we had this was 1866 so over 150 years ago!!!

A full Moon on its own, can bring emotions to the surface or overwhelming feelings, its a time of letting go and releasing the past, its a time to reflect and go within.


An Eclipse is like a Full Moon on steroids!! Senses are heightened, Emotions intensifies and Intuition is raised. Eclipses ALWAYS bring sudden changes in the way of Final Endings or New Beginnings... relationships ending, redundancies, blockages, set backs, or  new love, new career path, engagement, pregnancy...Eclipses are the Universes way of making you sit up and pay attention to your life and the direction it is heading in, it will make you think everything and than make you re-think everything, as you search for something deeper. If you are resistant to change than you can certainly expect to feel a push or be thrown into the deep end. Eclipses are their to align you and make sure you are on the correct path, it will ask you are you happy?, are you where you are meant to be? ,are you with who you are meant to be with? it will bring true feelings and emotions to the surface. A spotlight will be cast over your deepest secrets, often exposing these... especially in the form of affairs, mistresses will not win!! True love rules in Eclipses. Homefront and love are always at the forefront during Eclipses as relationships are tested. There can be a positive note, as sometimes Eclipses bring a couple closer together as they form a  deeper connection, affection and intimacy are elevated which brings me to Fertility... The number one time to successfully conceive is during a Full Moon especially an Eclipse!! ( no matter where you are in your cycle, its called lunar cycle).


This year already started off with a Cosmic Shift taking place in the number 2018 being an 11 number in numerology, number 11 is a Master Number which holds an extremely high vibration, it brings change, success, abundance, its essentially a Portal opening to Spiritual like minded people to step up and claim their true paths... to lead forward fearlessly, to manifest all their dreams and desires and this year it will be revealed. Its a very powerful positive year!! If you are feeling a pull to change direction or your career its important you pay attention and follow this direction, a lot of people are feeling or sensing that there is something better coming... that they are destined to do more..this is why.


This Full Moon falls under the Fiery sign of Leo, The Ruler, The Lion. Leo rules career and relationships

always striving for success and abundance. Be prepared for getting things done, its a doing moon, you will have a "to do list" and you will tick it off!! Leo can be dominant and forceful you can expect the boss to be very direct without sugar coating anything... In love you will be searching for validation and affection, if you aren't feeling this than this can lead to feelings of insecurity and jealousy.

You don't have to be born under the sign of Leo to experience the above.


Spiritual and Intuitive people will well and truly already be feeling these shifts taking place... the Eclipse energy is heightened and emotions are running high, if you are an Empath you can expect to be feeling everything!! Eclipses can make you feel drained, tired, lethargic, unmotivated, depressed, emotional and angry.. you may find yourself sleeping like a bear!! Children in particular are easily affected by the Full Moon and they are most likely to cry for no particular reason, be irritable, wake throughout the night and be out of sorts.


The best way you can handle these Cosmic Events is to slow things down, spend sometime alone, go for a walk in mother nature, do some yoga, meditate, ground yourself daily (walk barefoot on the grass or on the beach) use your Crystals, drink plenty of water and do things that make you feel happy. Its important you try feel positive as the Eclipse will only magnify what you are currently thinking and feeling, so the more intuned you are with yourself, the more prepared you can be...


Good Luck xx


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