Solar Eclipse New Moon Spells

July 13, 2018

Today is Friday the 13th...

Often this day is referred to as a bad omen... but did you know that Friday is referred to as Venus day a day of love and celebrating feminine energy, and the number 13 in numerology carries a high vibration of power and positivity.


The New Moon is a time of new beginnings and drawing things into your life, its the ideal time for manifesting.... love, career, health, monies etc.

An Eclipse is when energy is intensified and our intuition is heightened.

Therefore this day Friday 13th falling on a  New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse is the ideal time for Spells and Rituals.



Below are 3 spells i have put together for you guys to or tonight are the ideal times to do them.

I hope you like them xxx





X2 candles

Piece of paper



Red Lipstick

Ritual: Ask Aphrodite (love Goddess) to enter your space and light 2 candles.. One for you and one for your new love.,On the piece of payer write down the qualities you are seeking in a romantic relationship and things that are important to you.


Spell; (say out loud x3)

What I want, I write here Bring forth my dream & bring it near,

What I want, I shall get Let my love spell, now be met!


Then place the paper in the envelope, seal it and kiss the back of it with your lipstick.

Once you have met the one, simply throw it away.. NEVER open it!






X3 gold coins

Glass Jar with lid


Spell; (say out loud x3)

Bring new to me

Wealth & prosperity

Bring forth to me

With harm to none

So will be done!


Ritual; As you read the spell out aloud each time place one gold coin into the jar.. x3 times total. Then seal the jar with the lid. Do not open and use the coins until you feel the spell has worked.






Rose Quartz Crystal

Moonstone Crystal

Water charged by the Moon


Ritual; Place a moonstone crystal and Rose Quartz into a glass of purified water (not tap) Place the glass out under the night sky tonight and drink the contents tomorrow morning before eating or drinking anything else.


Spell; (say out aloud x3) Bring new to meSuccess in fertility A baby to growMagic to flowUnder thy new moon a baby to come soon. *Say this spell while holding the glass under the night sky tonight. 


*Check out my book eBook for my Moon Rituals xx



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