Am I Broken?

July 22, 2018


On a daily basis, I'm continually coming across posts in regards to "Reach your true potential


"Heal yourself",  "Find yourself" "Be your best version of yourself"  "I healed myself, i can heal you" Let me show you how".... it seams social media is flooded with people claiming to have the tools or know how of "how to fix someone".

Which leads me to the question... Am i broken?


My mindset and belief system is if something requires fixing, then its because its broken, right?


As a healer and empath myself, i understand the calling to "help people" and to want to see them succeed in whatever it is they choose, though i feel this leaves unhealthy unconscious thought patterns that "something is wrong with me". If I'm not kicking daily goals, or  not having my own business, if I'm not working from home and spending time with my family, not meditating on a daily basis or being grateful for something every day in my life... then i must be doing something wrong? 

Am i not spiritual if I'm not doing all the above? Am i not on the journey to enlightenment if i work full time and can't meditate? If I'm not doing what other spiritual people are doing or telling me to do, does this make me not as spiritual or worthy?


There seams to be pressure to conform to a certain standard or way of life in order to be "enlightened" and connected to oneself. This is something i don't agree with. 

Im all for life coaches, motivators, mind mentors and those who genuinely want to help and support others, but I'm not ok with money making pyramid schemes of "how to fix people" and grow your team with little or no qualifications or accreditations.


I believe enlightenment, self love, consciousness and finding yourself are all completely different for every individual, there is no one solution to "fix" all. We all have our own stories of how we got to where we are now, the highs and lows, the good and the bad times, we have different belief systems and we all think and feel on completely different & unique levels. No two people are the same, and that is a wonderful thing. So why is the need to conform and be a certain way so appealing? Who says you need to change or act differently? What are you striving for? Who are you hoping to find? What are you trying to fix?


In my line of work, as a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Spiritual Healer i offer guidance and direction to those who ask for it... i don't tell clients to act a certain way, or change themselves.. i simply provide the map, and the client finds their route... as i like to call it a "self journey".


You don't need anyone to fix you, because there is nothing wrong with you!! You are not broken,

sure you may feel a little lost, confused or scared of where your future is heading, you may have anger issues or suffer from anxiety or depression, but who doesn't? We all have challenges and are dealt some difficult cards in life, but the mind is a powerful tool and you my friend have the ability to help yourself!!

You don't need to know all the answers once, you don't have to act a certain way or behave in a way in order to find yourself or happiness, enlightenment or consciousness comes from within.


I believe consciousness is an awareness of oneself, enlightenment is a journey of self discovery, finding out what you like, what makes you happy, getting to know you, the good and the bad, accepting both and altering past thought patterns where needed, its essentially a deeper connection to your soul. Knowone knows your soul, like you. There is no programme that can change you,

Life experiences will connect you closer to your soul, experiencing heartache, loss, fear, pain and sorrow will bring you closer to your soul. When we experience these things, we have two choices....

1/ Wait and continue to Wallow?


2/ Learn and Let go? 

at any given moment YOU have these 2 options that will come up time and time again in life. Think about which one you have or tend to go with? As this right here is the key point in your journey... "Your awareness of yourself."  From this you will notice a shift, as you become more conscious of your choices and consequences... this is how you "find yourself" if thats what you want to call it. The point is, it comes from within, its not something you can be taught by others, you can't copy it from others, its not something that your best friend is doing so your doing it too... its your unique journey of connecting to yourself. Only you are aware of whats going on within. Don't worry if you find it hard to meditate, perhaps try sitting quietly on the beach for 10-15mins a day, that is a beautiful form of meditation. 

If your feeling unmotivated, ask yourself why?. If you find it hard to be positive and grateful for something everyday, then just be greatful for when you do have a positive day. If you don't have goals, thats ok, they will only be achieved if you are willing and wanting to achieve them. If you're not healed, don't worry, know one is completely healed!! You don't have to conform like everyone else, there is no right or wrong way with your self journey to happiness, healing or enlightenment, and you are free to take it at whatever pace you choose.


A few tips along the way of your self journey is to try keep moving forward, work out ways around any obstacles, do what makes you feel happy, spend time with people who make you feel good, allow yourself time to grieve when needed, spend sometime alone and do things that make your soul dance, laugh, read, travel and smile.... for you hold the key to your self journey, if you choose to explore.....


Grounded Goddess xx



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