New Moon In Scorpio Ritual

November 8, 2018


October 8th New Moon Ritual 🌑🌘🌗🌕🌓🌒


The theme for this New Moon is “Matters Of The Heart” as this moon is linked to Venus Retrograde our focus is on Love, Relationships, Forgiveness and Compassion. 


This New Moon falls in Scorpio which is a water sign meaning our emotions, intuition and creativity are increased. 


New Moons are a time of manifesting our dreams and desires into our life... This New Moon is the perfect opportunity to do so. 


For this ritual allow 15min, you’ll need;


Crystal (preferably Rose Quartz) 




*Light your candle 


*Set your intention 

As with any ritual, it’s important to set an intention.. 

“The purpose of my ritual is to use this powerful moon Energy and align my vibration to that of the Universe so my dreams will become my reality”


*Write down at least x5 of your own personal matters of the heart, and what you want to change.. ie 

Build your Self Love 

Attract a new relationship 

Strengthen your existing relationship 

Attract new clients 

Align/Collaborate with a certain person 

Forgive someone 

Fall pregnant 


*Read your list out aloud x3 

while visualising each of your points... 


*Close your eyes 


*Hold your crystal in your Left Hand.. (as this is your receiving hand) Place your right hand over your heart (this is your giving hand) 

Visualise a beautiful pink light entering your heart space and filling all the gaps where you have been hurt, holding onto guilt, lost someone, had a traumatic experience.

So this pink light now encompasses your heart space so it full of love, compassion and forgiveness. 

Allow yourself a few minutes to sit & enjoy this beautiful space. 


*Finish by saying;

“My dreams are now becoming my reality”. 


Bow your head in gratitude

keep your journal near your bed with the crystal sitting on top of your writing u til the Full Moon in x2 weeks time. 



* If you're a Moon Lover and want to know more, check out my Moon Ebook on my website.


I hope you have enjoyed this ritual 

Happy New Moon Vibes xx 



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