Unleash The Power Within- Tony Robbins

September 24, 2019

My experience at Tony Robbins 

Unleash The Power Within.. 


This was an intense 4 days 

The days were extremely long 9:30-11:30pm 

with little or no breaks, Tony’s Energy is incredible as well as intense. 

Tony runs day 1 & 3 and another man by the name of Joseph McClendon (who is awesome) runs day 2 & 4 along with a number of Guest Speakers.


Was it life changing for me? No

Was I glad I went? Yes

Would i go again? Yes


I went to Tony with a focus on improving my mindset and facing fears. 

to which I did both, Tick Tick 

Preparing myself mentally and getting into “peak state” in order to successfully complete the Fire Walk felt absolutely incredible, (also receiving no burns or blisters!) To understand the power of the mind by doing something that defies all odds is extremely empowering.


The things I really enjoyed about the seminar was the energy, positivity, gratitude, love & empowerment... Feeling more powerful and confident in my self, my choices and in the direction I’m heading. Experiencing it with 7000 other people bought it to another level. 

Everyone gets involved and gives it there all, it’s designed to push you out of your comfort zone, you’re always hugging, High fives, massaging and opening up to strangers around you.


What I didn’t enjoy was the feeling and knowing that we were like lab rats being primed. Tony’s tactics and strategy was on the moment we arrived, the room was kept freezing in order to keep us awake and alert, it made the nervous system heightened, the yelling, moving, dancing was to open the nervous system to allow reprogramming. 


During the Dickens Process, the lights went off for approximately 30min it was completely dark and we were asked not to leave till this process was complete, children were taken away from the room as we were primed to face our past pain in order to change our new Belief System. 

This process was extremely low energy and scary, people started crying, screaming out In demonic ways, and as a Psychic & Empath I could feel EVERYONES pain and entities that were attached to them, leaving them! 

The screams were everywhere and intense. I felt like I was trapped in the underworld. 

I wanted to run out of the room, but knowing I must stick around in order to accomplish a change for myself I stuck through it. 


Tony spoke the whole time during this process to make us face our negative beliefs than tell us, these are still your beliefs, think of yourself 5 years from now and we had to keep repeating the process, more screaming, tears, yelling than another 10 years, and repeating the process until the 7000 people literally begged it to stop. 

(Meaning, we now were the ones to alter our beliefs as we now associated our limiting beliefs with pain no longer pleasure, we could now re program our beliefs). 

While I do agree to this process, i would prefer this in a one on one session where I personally would feel safer and not feel everyone else’s energy and entities attached to them! 


However, in saying this the whole point of the seminar is to push you out of your comfort zone and to challenge your way of thinking to which it certainly did. 



Tony uses repetition to trigger us... the constant YES YES YES, Standing up every few minutes to dance uncontrollably, chanting, raising our fists were all “Triggers” to “change”our thought process. So now when ever I say “yes” to something even if it’s would you like fries with your burger I’m like yes, yes, yes!! Because my mind links me back to the word “yes”... which links the emotion back to Tony’s event, which made me feel Strong and Unstoppable!! 


Tony is an extremely Masculine Energy, he is action focused and results driven, a very different energy to my personal Feminine Energy which is loving, emotional and nurturing. 

He doesn’t believe in Depression or allowing yourself to accept it, he says you change your mindset to change it. I noticed he pays little focus on the emotional side of healing. Instead forcing a series of movement, to alter your state and not think of it again. 


At one stage he was speaking to a young woman who said she had been abused her whole life, as he questioned her further he asked what type of abuse? and by who? 

to which she replied “mentally” he replied with shrugging it off and saying “that’s not abuse” 

(God the room charged”) I felt for her as his approach was super aggressive and he kept pushing her. When she said “it was my parents that abused me” Tony replied “then pull out your phone let me speak to them”. 

The girl was mortified, and lucky for her they were not answering. (Phew)

This went on for sometime, telling her not to play the victim anymore, and that her parents did the best job they could raising her, making her focus on the things she did have rather than the things that she didn’t have or what went wrong. In the end she was able to say she wasn’t abused and she shifted her mindset. (Would love to have spoken to her the following days after, but didn’t see her) 


Now that I’ve returned home, I’m eager to put things to practise and check in with myself 1 month, 3 months & 6 months to see if I’m still consistent at implementing this new thought pattern. 


Many people say it’s life changing and that’s fantastic! perhaps because I’ve already worked so hard on bettering myself after being in dark and difficult times I didn’t experience this seminar as Life Changing, though as somebody who is always looking to improve and better myself I definitely noticed positive changes. 


I would recommend the Unleash The Power Within Seminar for anyone who has experienced turmoil, negative mindset, stuck in their ways, or who wants to continue to grow and evolve. It’s not a Spiritual Experience it’s more mind focused and re-wiring, though there are breathing and meditations throughout the seminar. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this x 





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